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Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No movement, but the rise and fall of your chest. No sound but my voice, and the slow tap... tap... tap... of dripping blood. Empty. A place once teeming with life is now nothing more than a mountain. But, in the end, isn't that what you wanted? Aren't you satisfied? No. You're missing something aren't you. You were enjoying death until there was nothing left to die. I bet you don't even know the names of the people you killed. I bet you forgot what they looked like. It doesn't matter who they are or what they did to help you. You just don't care. All you want is power, but there is no more reason to be powerful. And, if that wasn't your goal, then what is? You went through all this trouble, and now there is nothing. 

I guess I should've seen this coming. You do everything out of pleasure. You don't think. You have a craving for hatred. It's maybe even, something you can't control? I can understand. Although, I bet it's only a matter of time before you kill me too, and there will be nothing left but you. 

You know, I thought you could be something more. I thought you could be special. I thought things would finally work out. But no. You're just another power thirsty, mindless robot with a pointless goal. Chara...

Y o u   r e a l l y   a r e   a n   i d i o t .
Lately I have obtained an obsession over creepypastas. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe it's the creepy part. Maybe it's the suspense. But there's something about them that always brings me back. I also really like the way the stories go. All of my favorite creepypastas start out boring, get sort of creepy towards the middle, and the very last sentence is the most terrifying clifhanger that leaves me staring at the computer for two whole minutes! So far my two favorite creepypastas are Jeff The Killer and Caledon Local 21. I'm still not sure if that one's real or not. Although, there are some stories that seem like they go on forever and don't really get interesting, like Ben Drowned. Well, maybe the only reason I don't like that one is because I've never played the game, so I don't understand what was going on. Anyway, that's just my opinion on creepypastas. I'm considering writing my own one day. Let me know if I should.
I know that we are already 9 days into 2016, but I'm in a writing mood so I'll talk about my break. I had two weeks off. The first week I didn't do much. The second week I visited my family (Aunt, Uncle and cousins). We exchanged Christmas presents and near the end of the week we went to the snow. I was kind of disappointed because there was only five inches of snow and it was dry. That was pretty much all I did. It was nice to get some time off and visit my family again. I was beginning to miss them.